The Paper Maple (Acer griseum) has gained much popularity in recent years because of its rich cinnamon to reddish-brown exfoliation bark.  It is probably one of the best trees for winter interest.  The trifoliate leaves are 3 to 6 inch long and turn a brilliant red in fall.

Growth Rate

  • Slow

Mature Height

  • 25 Ft in height and 15 Ft in width

Fall Color

  • Brilliant Red

Sun Preference

  • Full sun to partial shade

Soil Requirements

  • Paperbark maples prefer well-drained slightly acidic loam soil but will grow in sandy and clay soil types.


acer-griseum  Acer griseum - Arboretum Robert Lenoir à Rendeux (Belgique)

10325   acer20griseum20paperbark20maple_jpg_jpg

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